Powersim Sun

More than just a calculator

  • Find the expenses and power savings for your planned solar panel installation
  • Specify your location and information about your solar panels, inverters, and – if applicable – battery packs
  • Take energy consumption and solar variations throughout the day into account
  • In reality, the need for electricity is shifted in time compared to when solar energy can be generated
  • This issue can be solved by installing battery packs in addition to solar panels
  • Avoid buying electricity when it is most expensive
  • Experiment with different configurations and pricing policies
  • This model gives a more reliable calculation of Return On Investment (ROI) compared to other applications


  • Electricity spot prices and hardware specifications are configured by the customer
  • The calulations are based on solar radiation and other climate data from Meteonorm™ 7.2
  • Powersim Sun works for locations on all continents of the world except some remote areas like north-western Greenland and some areas in the Antarctic sea
  • Energy production is calculated based on Meteonorm data and input specified by the user
  • Calculations are based on data with hourly resolution
  • Detailed technical specifications